Free SemanticUI admin dashboard template with angularjs boilerplate is great to start any type of web application like user dashboard, admin dashboard, services dashboard.

If anyone wants to start their project with angularjs and good responsive framework other than bootstrap, then this is right choice. SemanticUI has lot of good component where developers needs to focus only on their bussiness logic rather than spending time on design.

Github Project| Demo

00+ UI components integrated with backend services
Optimized for mobiles
Three themes and two dashboards for customization
Backend integration bundle kits for .NET, Node.js, Ruby, PHP
Ready-to-use solution or add incremental functions
Backend services and repository layers with data access
JSON Web Authentication setup for UI and backend


This library is bridging the gap between Angular components and Polymer elements by providing Material inspired UI components for your mobile and web applications. The elements are kept invariant repos, yet they can be grouped into a single repo as available individually on Bit. The library integrated to package managers, Git and other tools to get a better experience for sharing the code between apps and developers.

Github Project | Tutorial

The main objective of this project is to provide native Angular components and directives for the Salesforce Lightning Design system. It has a great impact on your Angular app by boosting performance and having flexibility.

Github Project