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Angular Playground

An open source tool for building enterprise angular components, directives, and pipes in isolation.
Spend More Time Building, Less Time Searching
Save component data, markup, and styles into Playground scenarios, making it easy to revisit variations on every component in an application. With multiple scenarios staged, quickly flip through each one to visualize subtle differences. Ensure that every change to a component is compatible with each of its states.

Develop Components without the Weight of an Entire App
Develop quickly and systematically without the frustration of a bloated NgModule. Predetermined scenarios make it easy to focus on the immediate needs of a component, leaving the ceremony behind. Even enterprise application development can be fun.

Living, Breathing Documentation
Breathe life into documentation with components directly from Playground scenarios. Whether it’s an external style guide, visual component library, or an entire design system, embed mode can connect it to the original components. Make a code change and watch the documentation evolve.